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New Drilling Tools Design and Manufacturing

Product Design

JA Oilfield undertakes new drilling tools product design and development that represent innovative drilling solutions, advances the practice of wellbore construction and introduces tangible, measurable improvement in drilling efficiency whenever the opportunity is presented.

We assemble an engineering team that combines the talents and drilling engineering experience of our in-house engineers and shop technicians, and industry-leading drilling tool design consultants to brainstorm, conceptualize, design, model (physics and engineering), and manufacture prototypes for field testing.

Research and Development (R&D)

JA Oilfield R&D focus is driven either from the shop, field consultations and observations of drilling challenges or directly as tool evolution requirements from changing application environments. Functional improvements, performance enhancement and capacity expansion to incorporate robustness underscore R&D programs and continuous improvement initiatives.

We invite collaborative tool development enquiries and design of component parts or whole assemblies.

Prototype Manufacturing and Testing

JA Oilfield offers the capability to manufacture prototypes either in model scale or full scale, sub-assemblies, components and complete assembly ready for field testing. Our fully equipped manufacturing facility permits the parsing of engineering designs from industry-leading software such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Fusion360, Inventor and SolidWorks to CNC-machine codes.

Additionally, we have relationships with reliable suppliers of several engineering tool and components utilized in downhole tools and can develop Bills of Materials (BOM), Cost Estimates and Operational Envelopes as may be required.

Testing is carried out on model or full scale prototypes in collaboration with our Test Facility partners or at Test Laboratories of Academia.