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JA Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc. is an oilfield well construction tools manufacturing, services and repairs company headquartered in Oklahoma City.

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We build the tools. You get them dirty.

Established in 1981, JA Oilfield Manufacturing has been a trusted oilfield tools manufacturer and rental provider for over 40 years. Our commitment to our customers and partners is what sets us apart from our competition.


JA Oilfield Manufacturing Inc. manufactures majority of its drilling tools product lines and essential downhole drilling tools and drillstring components in-house to exacting standards and specifications.

Utilizing advanced CNC Lathe Machines/Milling, Automatic Robotic Welding Machines, and Multi-tool 5-axis Machining Centers, JA Oilfield can manufacture complex drilling tool parts and components in various steel grades and complete pre-assembly modules to the highest design specified tolerances.

JA Oilfield possesses API Spec Q1 / API 7-1 & ISO9001:2015 Accreditation

BHA Rentals

JA Oilfield is a One-Stop Shop for your Drilling Bottomhole Assembly (BHA) critical drillstring components. We have large inventories of the following essential BHA components in various sizes ready to deploy:

  • Drilling Motors
  • Drilling Jars
  • Shock subs
  • Roller Reamers (Sealed and Mud Lubed)
  • Stabilizers
  • Cross-overs
  • Drillable Lift Subs
  • Flex Collars
  • Non-mag Collars
  • Heavy-weight Drillpipe

See out latest drilling tools designed and engineered to set new drilling performance standards.

Repairs & Inspection

Since opening shop in 1981, JA Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc. has repaired and serviced oilfield equipment with one goal:

To carry out the best repair and manufacturing work, backed with our guarantee of prompt service at the most competitive prices.

JA Oilfield Repairs and Inspection 24/7 Repairs and Inspection services spans the following major service areas:

  • Straightening
  • Turning and Dressing Down Gauge/OD
  • Recutting & Changing Connections
  • Stubbing
  • Build-up
  • Hardband Application [checkout JA Patented Mobile Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA)]
  • Inspection Services – for Drilling tools, Pipe tubular body, connections and end areas utilizing a vast array of industry-standard Non-Destruction Inspection (NDI) methods
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Commitment To Our Clients



Uncompromised quality underscores everything JA Oilfield Manufacturing and Services stands for, exceeds and upholds. From our meticulously selected material to match application requirements, exacting precision in manufacturing to applicable industry standards, our relentless pursuit of excellence drives our rigorous continuous improvement initiatives.



Because we know Drilling Operations is 24/7 and contingencies do occur even for the most completely anticipated situations, JA Oilfield Manufacturing and Services is ready 24/7 to take customer calls, complete required tool preparation and load your tools and equipment promptly to get to the rig on time to prevent waiting on tools.


Customer Service

At JA Oilfield, we are committed to supporting our clients. When you reach out to us, be assured we will answer your call, ready to assist you in every possible way to fulfill your drilling tools and service needs.