About Us

JA Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc. … the triumph of humility and great resolve!

JA Oilfield’s vision is to be the leading provider of drilling technology and services to oil and gas businesses in every market we serve. In today’s competitive, ever-changing marketplace, oilfield drilling equipment manufacturers and exploration and production (E & P) companies require a professional, reliable oil and gas drilling technology and services provider that understands their business and recognizes their unique needs. With a customer-focused approach to everything we do, JA Oilfield is the right partner for the oilfield drilling equipment manufacturer and, E & P company who need reliable, affordable drilling technology and service solutions that help them produce oil and gas at less cost and safely. JA Oilfield is a rapidly growing, drilling technology and services provider delivering a select array of downhole tools and services in several states across the Midwest and Southeast United States and internationally. An experienced management team, knowledgeable sales force, growing product portfolio and network of Field Maintenance Depots (FMD) give JA Oilfield the edge in serving the business customer – oilfield drilling equipment manufacturers and exploration and production (E & P) company. JA Oilfield delivers a high-value package of tools and services that include Drilling Performance Equipment and Systems, Hole Quality Enhancement Tools, Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) and Tubular Repairs. As testament to the quality of customer service obtainable from the company, JA Oilfield’s customers rank among the most prominent and recognized oil and gas drilling equipment manufacturers and E & P companies.