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Welded Blade Stabilizer

JA Oilfield’s Welded Blade Stabilizer is primarily used in soft to medium formations. Industry standards for welding downhole drilling tools are strictly followed to ensure operators of superior weld integrity of the blades to the stabilizer body.

Stabilizer bodies are manufactured from 4145H modified, quenched and tempered material. They are pre and post-heated to assure weld penetration. Bodies are ultrasonically and mag-particle inspected for cracks and flaws.

Extra long and wide blades are used for better stabilization. Both spiral and straight blade configuration are available at the user’s request. Bodies can be dressed with a 3 or 4 blade design.


  • Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA)
  • Tube Borium
  • Tungsten Carbide Inserts
  • Geothermal
  • Tungsten Carbide Composite Rod

JA Oilfield welded blades are fabricated in a wide variety of configurations and hole sizes. They can be tailor-made to meet customer bottom-hole assembly (BHA) requirements, both in terms of performance and dependability.


  1. Hole size or required blade O.D.
  2. Number of blades required (3 or 4 are standard styles)
  3. Straight or spiral blades
  4. Hardfacing type (Tungsten Carbide, Geothermal, T.C.I. Tube Borium)
  5. Top and Bottom Connections
  6. Body diameter required
  7. String or Near Bit application
  8. Necessary special features (Stress Relief Groove(SRG) on connections, bored for float, non-mag body, non-mag blades up to 12-1/4” O.D. straight only).
welded blade stabilizer