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The JA Oilfield StaBReamer® combines the stabilization function of the Integral Blade Stabilizer and hole gauge quality maintenance of the Roller Reamer for reliability and drilling performance in borehole enlargement operations in a single sub.

The JA Oilfield StaBReamer® is a product of application-focused design and an exacting manufacturing process. The StaBReamer™ assembly provides a functionally efficient and operationally effective approach for configuring a bias-neutral BHA to drill vertical wells and hold hole angle in directional wells, even in highly dipping formations.

  • Provides gauge protection with enhanced stabilization value for directional control
  • Shorter BHA with more active components to provide better drilling performance
  • Reduce number of connections
  • Increase Stabilizer service life and in special BHA configurations increase bit gauge endurance
  • Reduce Vibration – with more contact points
  • Better drill string centralization in the well bore