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Sealed Bearing Roller Reamer

The JA Oilfield Oil Sealed Roller Reamer is designed with industry-leading, field-proven roller reamer technology and wedge-lock cutter-retention mechanisms for use under harsh (drilling fluid and high temperature/pressure) downhole conditions, extended on-bottom run and both forward reaming and backreaming operating modes.

It delivers superior performance and reliability, to provide on-guage reaming action across changing rock type and well construction application. It is available for near-bit and string BHA configuration.

Refer to Specification Sheet for ordering guidelines.


  • Pressure-equalized lubricated bearing system
  • Wedge-lock cutter retention system – industry standard
  • Low torque Reaming action and stabilization
  • Stepped cutter profile progressively opens hole to Reamer specified gauge diameter
  • Three 120 deg. radially-positioned cutters ensure optimized total flow area for cuttings removal and concentric cutting action
  • Cutter block carousel holder end taper angle 30° ≤ Taper Angle ≤ 40° for ease of tripping out of hole
sealed bearing roller reamer