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The JA Oilfield’s RAPTOR® Hole Openers are designed for both the enlargement of a pilot hole and for large hole applications.

The features that make the JA Oilfield hole opener one of the most rugged in the industry are:

  • Solid one piece construction of the Hole Opener body
  • Field replaceable cutters available in both Mill tooth or TCI variants to match formation requirements
  • Standard bearing cutters and optional sealed journal bearings for extended service life
  • Snap-ring changeable jets
  • Optimized positioning of jets for effective cutter cleaning and maximum hole cleaning
  • 2, 3 and 4 cutter tool
  • Box down by Pin up and Box by Box connections
  • Bull nose equipped Hole Openers

When ordering bull nose pilot equipped hole openers, specify:

  • Solid bull nose
  • Circulating bull nose
  • Long or short bull nose

The JA Oilfield Hole Opener is available in a range of hole sizes and bull nose pilot options from 51/2” to 26”


  1. Hole size
  2. Fishing Neck
  3. Upper Connection type and size
  4. Lower Connection type and size
  5. Bull nose style
  6. If spare cutter set is required

Unless otherwise specified, standard mill tooth cutters will be supplied.

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