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The JA Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc. Shock Sub System is a uniquely engineered drilling shock absorption system incorporating design enhancements to provide a new standard of drilling shock absorption performance. Compared to other shock tools currently available in the market, the Tympanum® series is equipped with an advanced heavy-duty spring design.

The progressive shock damping and shock load dissipation system prevents destructive shock loads produced by on-bottom drill-bit motion from traveling through the bottom-hole assembly to the sensitive MWD/LWD components while keeping the bit on bottom to maintain desirable penetration rates.

It features an optimized disc spring system offering industry-leading shock response performance over an extended dynamic load range. By design, the length is kept to an optimal minimum to ensure that the Shock Sub does not impair or interfere with directional or vertical bottom hole assembly behavior.

Shock Sub Features

  • Optimized spring rate and better shock absorption over dynamic range
  • Reduces bit bounce and extends bit life
  • Smooth drill force reliably delivered to the bit even in the most demanding conditions
  • Reduces Bottom-Hole Assembly premature failures due to shock and vibration loads
  • Improves penetration rates
  • Short sub length ensures neutral effect on BHA directional attitude.
cutaway of Shock Sub