JA Oilfield’s Key Seat Wipers are most effective for reaming out key seats when pulling out of the hole using the single-clutch ascent type, or using the double-clutch dual-action ascent-descent type when reaming in and out of the hole.

The Key Seat Wiper is an active two piece body made from 4145H modified, quenched and tempered steel. The top and bottom mandrel are connected with a two-stage ACME thread and are shrink fitted. The clutch ring is shrink-fitted as well.

The key seat reaming tool is a sleeve with five blades dressed with an aggressive tungsten carbide hardfacing, SUPERLOY or tube borium.


The Key Seat Wiper is placed in the string between the drill pipe and the drill collars. During drill ahead operations, the non-rotating sleeve will not ream the formation. In case of over-pull — when tripping out drill collars or reaming back to shoe through a dogleg – rotate the drillstring while pulling out of hole to cause the clutch ring to transmit rotation to the wiper sleeve and initiate reaming operations.

The wiper blades will enlarge the key seat to allow the passage of the bottom hole assembly through potential tight sections of the hole.


As may be required to fit drill string geometry, all sizes of key seat wipers can be manufactured. Key Seat Wipers are most effective when positioned in the drill string in the drill pipe or heavy weight drill pipe sections or between the pipe and the collars.


  1. Single or Double-clutch Key Seat Wiper
  2. Upper and Lower Neck Diameter
  3. Upper and Lower Connections
  4. Circulation bore
  5. Drill collar O.D. or gauge O.D. of wiper sleeve at blades (it is recommended that the O.D. of the blades on the sleeve be ¼” larger than the largest drill collar in the string)