HY-PERFORM Drilling Motors

  • Sizes: 4-3/4”, 6-3/4”, 8″
  • Straight Hole and Directional Applications
  • Slick or Stabilized
  • Average ROP ~ 80-100 ft/hr
  • WBM, OBM, Air & Foam Compatible

Power Section

  • DuraMax® Elastomers (G-Rubber)
    • High OBM Resistance
    • Delivers 50% more torque and power downhole compared to standard hard rubbers (HR)
    • Can withstand higher differential pressures
    • Can compete with even-walled motors in harsh conditions
  • Compatible with OBM, WBM, Air & Foam ~ 265oF (130oC)
  • Chrome and Carbide Rotor Coatings
  • Optimized compression fit for water-based mud, oil-based mud & high-temperature applications
  • Stator is boroscoped before and after every job

Transmission Section

  • Reliable titanium flex shaft less susceptible to failures due to fewer moving parts
  • In-depth inspection e.g. Magnetic Particle Inspection for cracks

Bearing Section

  • Mud-lubricated
  • Rock-bit ball axial thrust bearings and carbide radial bearings
  • Tighter tolerance on axial and radial bearing gap rerun criteria

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