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JA Oilfield offers a full range of Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Drill Collars for Horizontal and Directional drilling applications.


Magnetic Permeability

1.009 Maximum

Corrosion Resistance

To deter stress corrosion cracking, all of our Non-Mag material has the ID treated with a shot peening operation. This compresses the inside diameter, and has been very successful in preventing stresses from forming while drilling in chloride or H2S atmospheres (sour gas) drilling environments.


JA Oilfield Non-Mag is accompanied with a warranty for standard mill coverages, as well as a warranty against stress corrosion cracking. (A copy of the warranty is available upon request.)

Available Sizes - Ready to Deploy

4¾” OD x 2¼” ID
6¼” OD x 2¼” ID
6¼” OD x 213/16” ID
6½” OD x 2¼” ID
6½” OD x 213/16” ID
7” OD x 213/16” ID
7¼” OD x 213/16” ID
7¾” OD x 213/16” ID
8” OD x 213/16” ID
8½” OD x 213/16” ID
9” OD x 3” ID
9½” OD x 3” ID

Other Sizes Available on Request

Our Non-mag material is stocked in the “Blank End” condition. We also offer the product threaded upon request. All API tool joint connections are available and will be furnished with the API monogram and pressed


Minimizing Magnetic Surveys Errors

Non-magnetic drill collars offer strength and hardness while preventing magnetic interference that may impair accuracy of magnetic surveys. To obtain accurate vertical, directional and bottom hole surveys, JA Oilfield non-magnetic drill collars isolate sensitive directional measurement tools from interference by steel BHA components for a true reading of the earth’s magnetic field.

The non-magnetic drill collars are compatible with other standard drill string components and non-magnetic integral blade stabilizers, welded blade stabilizers and subs are available upon request.



Well Location Determines String Lengths

In areas closer to the earth’s magnetic poles, long sections of our nonmagnetic collars and stabilizers are used.  Determine the total length of the collars required by referring to the global map and the corresponding empirical data chart.

Ordering Information Please Specify:
1.  Drill collar outside diameter, bore diameter, and length of collar.
2.  Size and Type of Upper and Lower Connection.
3.  Cast Steel or Pressed steel thread protectors.
4.  Special Features Desired.